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Hangzhou Chuangyi Technology (Global Business) &Information Co., Ltd.
Asia Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd, Hangzhou, China
Detergent Powder Plant
Detergent powder
LNG plant
SO3 Sulfonation Plant
Sodium Silicate Plant
Caustic soda plant
Derivatives of chlorine
Sodium Sulfate Plant
Potassium Sulphate Plant
Bleaching water Generator
Sodium carbonate plant
Phosphoric Acid Plant
Liquid Detergent Plant
Toilet Soap and Laundry Soap Equipment
Other Chemical Plant
Chemical material
About us

Asia Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou, China is an engineering company devoted to the development of new technology and new equipment in various fields of household chemical, Basic chemical, and petroleum and gas, etc.

Our company provides advanced technology and engineering design in accordance with her customer’s specific requirements. The Corporation’s supply includes turn-key project beginning from technical consultation, engineering design, equipment fabrication and procurement, electric power system and instrumentation design and procurement for the plant (line), plant installation / supervision, plant commissioning and operator training, optimization of product formulations, till the after-sale services, to setup a complete plant producing qualified product(s) for customer.

Asia Chemical’s motto is “Quality is the Corporation’s life, technical renovation is the basis for development of the Corporation”. Since the establishment of the Corporation, by efforts of her comprehensive technical forces, in the process of providing services to and technical cooperation with domestic and overseas companies, the Corporation always integrates into her own design the Buyer’s good production practices, in addition to her own innovative technologies obtained by her R&D work, supplying different petroleum chemical corporations with world top technologies and plants.

Background of Asia Chemical

The Corporation has supplied household chemicals and inorganic chemicals plants to 200 customers all over the world since 1985. Especially in the household chemicals production field, e.g. detergent powder plants, sulphonation/sulphation plants, liquid detergent production plants, oil and fats refining plants. In the inorganic chemicals e.g. Sodium Sulphate, Caustic Soda, Sodium Carbonate Etc Field. The Corporation has delivered a number of complete plants that are technically advanced, high-efficiency, easy to be operated, and cooperated with many international groups such as P&G, Unilever, Henkel, etc.

 Asia Chemical is a professional engineering company, using the world's most advanced control technology and equipment for the clients. Among the Corporation’s engineering and installation teams, there are a number of personnel who owned over 40 years working experience. Based on their rich careers, different plants can be established successfully according to customers’ different requirements.

Business Scope:

Asia Chemical Engineering CO., LTD supplies following complete plants or Production lines:

        1. Household chemicals fields:

  • Detergent powder plant
  • Toilet soap and laundry soap plant
  • Cosmetic production line
  • Liquid detergent production plant
  • Toothpaste production line
  • Sulphur dioxide sulphonation / sulphation plant
  • Oil and fats refining and hydrolyzing plant
  • Glycerine production plant

        2. Basic chemicals fields:

  • Sodium sulphate plant
  • Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) plant
  • Sodium silicate plant
  • Sodium carbonate plant
  • Caustic soda plant
  • Optical brightener plant
  • Chlorine derivatives plant
  • Phosphoric acid plant
  • CMC Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose plant
  • Sodium percarbonate, sodium perborate plant
  • Carbon black plant
  • Poly aluminum chloride(PAC) plant

        3. Petroleum and gas

  • LNG plant
  • Petroleum refining plant


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